Quality Assurance

  Materials Engineering


WE HAVE MOVED!  We are very excited to announce that we have moved to 1209 Elmwood Ave, Unit B, in Beloit WI.  At this location we will expand our services to include HMA, PCC, Aggregate, Base testing, Performance Testing and now we can provide AC content and gradation in one hour!

BME is a materials engineering firm specializing in Hot Mix Asphalt, Portland Cement Concrete and Soils testing and inspection. S.T.A.T.E. Testing, LLC located next door at 1209 Elmwood Ave, Unit A, Beloit WI (www.statetestingllc.com), specializes in Asphalt Binder Testing.  Our services go beyond the final test report. With over 20 years of experience, we provide an advanced level of materials engineering expertise. Our team of engineers, inspectors and technicians are professional, highly trained and certified.

We are committed to maintaining superior internal quality levels. Our BME lab is AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) accredited (http://www.amrl.net/Amrlsitefinity/default/aap/r18labs.aspx).  Additionally our inspectors and technicians are cross trained with WisDOT, IDOT, ACI and/or PCI certifications. Our technicians maintain certifications for Aggregate, HMA, PCC, Nuclear Density and Soils testing, and are constantly upgrading their training.

At BME, we think a project should start with a well written specification and be followed by good quality control and quality inspection throughout, and we have found over our 20 years of practice that these are the tools that will ensure success.

We hope that our hard-working and professional team matches the needs of your company, and that you consider BME for your project.